Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Easy self test

The Acid test that I propose for our Nation before we could dare to host and boast of an international event of any kind:
· The day Indians can maintain the etiquettes of queue system we are ready. Get into a queue. If there is no pushing, pulling, bypassing, spitting, nudging, poking, feeling, and mingling of sweat then we are ready.
· The day we stop picking our nose, scratching our crotch, farting in public, we are ready.
· The day an average Indian official’s waist line is not a potbelly, we are ready.
· If we have people stopping at unmanned traffic lights that flash red, we are ready.
· If our public toilets are flushed every time they are used, and flushed by the user herself or himself and not by the janitor in attendance, we are ready.
· The day we stop cleaning our surroundings before an official’s visit but rather clean up after the visit, we are ready.
· The day our traffic is not held up because somebody-actually a nobody- decides to hold private processions on public roads, we are ready.
· The day our country has lesser chokes in our drainage system than the number of BRAINs DRAINed, we are ready.

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