Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Silence was alien.

I was wary of silence…in childhood,
Silence scared me.
In my own voice I searched for solace
The ensuing noise traumatized me.

And with experience,
Not age, I learnt:

The loud carrying voice
Of silence…
Never mute nor voiceless,
Has a character

Constrained silence is negativity
And hopelessness;
Infuriating and intimidating;
Damaging and useless.

Restrained silence is strength,
Maturity and understanding;
Welcoming and comforting;
Concentration and sincerity.

And then I revered Silence.
There was regression in noise level.

Silence is not…to us.
Animals know when to be silent.
We don’t.

Mortal danger silences them.
The noise is only before the tragedy.
In us, silence is never.
Not before, not during, not after the calamity.

So vain are we of our security
That we desecrate silence.

Conditioned schooling and social decorum
Teach us to be silent…
First with thought and
Later with action.

Voices drape themselves with it.
Senses shed themselves of it.
But it is our souls that
Experience Silence.

At Birth I defied silence.
But now, I deify silence.

The great are silent in their end
But never after their end.