Monday, October 31, 2011

RA.One: The Randomly Assembled One

Black, White or Grey?

Last week I had called a randomly assembled one, shared it on twitter and got called several rude words. I was even cursed to die. Lol. I was amused by the strong expletives and responses thrown at me, and started thinking. 

Movies are something that I could never really take seriously. For me they are just another form of entertainment. Won’t kill me if tomorrow the film woods suddenly vanish!! Puff!! Sometimes, I watch them when I want to kill my loneliness and at times watch them with other people, specifically to be in their company.

While describing a movie, I restrict my comments to the most basic of descriptive adjectives “Nice,” and “Not nice.” If people specifically ask me how I found a movie, I give them an answer that they would want to hear. Oh, I know you are a Khan fan so, “Awesome, u have to watch it.” I know you hate scifi, so, “Not much of a movie. Could skip this one.” And when I come across a more knowledgeable movie goer, I wake up my grey cells and give the person a more informed and thoughtful response.

So movies and I are not exactly bum chums nor are we totally incompatible. Naturally, reviewing is not what I would get into, but just this once I felt like blotting my blog with a miniscule write up on a piece of celluloid entertainment, more as a response to some of the coarseness I faced.  

Here goes: If you are looking for a visual treat, fares better than good. There is a technical finesse in this movie that compares with some of the finest movies ever made in the whole world.  The theme as well as the innovative title amalgamate both the modern and the traditional; science and mythology; and reiterate once more, through an atheistic medium of gaming, the dichotomy of good and bad; God and the devil. Applause. Loud round.

But to be truthful this is not a complete movie.  To me a movie is not about the actor; not about the script; not about the visuals. (They are mostly only a part of it.) It is more about the movie watching experience - what I feel and how engrossed I become with it when I see the movie.

Ra.One to me was like a computer with a faulty firewall. At times I found myself totally in the movie, somewhat opposite to what happens in the movie where the characters come out of the game, while I was going into the movie; but at most times I found myself repelled by what was going on.

So obviously (for me) did some things right and some things wrong. What it did right was the movie MAKING part, the team seemed to have spared no effort in putting up this visual treat; it would have been an awesome experience for those involved in the making of this movie. But where this movie went wrong was the movie WATCHING experience.

I felt jilted because I went to experience something - and generally we expect to experience something new - but I came out with a deja vu. 

Oh, the actors were fantastic. Kareena was the sheer visual treat and terrific actress that she always is, and Shahrukh was a good entertainer. I anyways adore Satish Shah. The script was loose, and as for the visuals, they were an eye candy and soft on my senses.


When a production house sets a standard, our expectations (the audience’s expectations ) naturally go beyond that standard. That’s called our CONFIDENCE  in them. And now I don’t think anyone wants to nullify this movie, they just are passing a judgement on this confidence.

Indian diaspora in its entirety was looking up to Shahrukh Khan to lead our Bollywood’s production style and capabilities on to another level. I have not yet come across a person who said this movie was utter crap. They have all marvelled the technical achievements but still miss, well, what is obviously missing in this movie.

Even after a dozen pondering moments, I find myself left with an elation that I would experience if the Indian Olympic contingent won a Gold, but not the satisfaction and pride I would have had they bagged the most number of Golds.

This is one of those many things that even with all intent I cannot classify  as black or white…it is in between…it is grey…which is incidentally the most prominent colour in most live action VFX (3D) movies!!! (Now, that is another thing that bothers me.)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Red Bed Lamp

With the red bed lamp on
I could barely stay awake.
My eyes longed for that evasive
Vague dream.
The dream that for sure
Without fail comes flooding in
Picking up from where I left
Off last...
Offering that solace I found;
Giving me back my sheltered
Cozy child-self.
And when I woke up, fresh from
Old memories,
I realised I was troubled and
My child memory of the red
Bed lamp took care of me.