Saturday, January 28, 2012

Red on Green

Memories…my memory of
The incident remains the
But the associated emotions
Every time
The memory
Is fished out.
And then it is served with kebabs.

The rogan gosht
Is yummy.
Should be!
But I am a vegetarian.
So kindly excuse me
My host,
You are making a savoury memory-
One that I am
Unable to enjoy;
Which is unacceptable
To my palate.

Had I not sent
Her a note
Well in advance
Informing her of my
Vegetarian preferences?
But of course, now I see
That green bit of paper
In a red bin of bone china.

So there goes,
My memories taste different
Every time I haunt them
Because you have been serving
The wrong food
On my green plate.