Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Messy Messing Moon

“Georgy porgy pudding and pie
Kissed the girls and made them cry…”

Farfetched simile, but nonetheless, to me the Georgy guy sounds like the Moon. I wonder, what’s up with the moon that it picks on us girls and plays havoc with us every month, and if possible twice too – when it is full and when it is new. The full moon is here, beware! And it will be followed by the new moon, pretty soon.

We all love role-playing, and as adults, we more than often love playing the role of the Agony Aunt. By the way, this post is woman centric, so if there are any uninterested men, you could as well excuse yourself out.But I'd recommend a read till the end.

Getting back to our Agony Aunt part…we might not be minting money in this part time avocation, but we definitely do increase our telephone bills in living up to the part of the mentor to our friends. Yours truly has also been in and out of this role. And no need to guess further. It has involved, in major amounts, counseling girls that were shocked by their own behaviour at the full moon.

Aha! That unstable and unreliable 15 faced guy up there is a great tormentor. Aren’t we girls all such law abiding denizens of the lunar world. Following its calendar, we rip ourselves; subject ourselves to torture every 28 days. Or were we at some point of evolution forced into obeying the tyrant? Why does this phenomenon have to be a monthly affair? Why did we have to choose the lunar calendar for ourselves? Couldn’t evolution have picked the solar calendar instead? Once in a year, just like a birthday.

Anyway, that was a lunatic digression. My main point is that for some strange inexplicable and unscientific reason, the moon, especially when it is at the height of its pride on the full moon day/night, seems to have a control even on our minds, our psyche and our behaviour.  

As a kid, I used to find it funny when my grandmom would say “It must be a Pournami, or an Amavaasya night. That explains the madness.” Madness? All that my brother and I would be guilty of was giggling and laughing uncontrollably and the only strangeness involved there would be the absolute nonexistence of any trigger to this gale of laughter!! A common behaviour in children, isn’t it?

I know now that though I had realised even then that she was only joking; but I had suspected even then some mystic truth in this Lunar legend – lunatic legend. Well, there is more to the moon than what meets the eye, and I got to know of this eventually, while growing up.

We girls seem to have an unwilling affair with this messy messing moon. And in return, we happen to figure in the punch line in all moon related jokes. Recently, a Big guy on twitter had also thrown light on the interference of the moon in his domestic life. And all the men in the party turned rogue, laughing and smirking at the crescent jokes on us woman kind.

Now that is lunatic behaviour, ours is simply lunaric behaviour.

And I found it funnily ironic that this ‘Women’s Day’ happens to have the full moon invited to the party. Let’s ban the moon or get it so drunk that it will forget its basic cruel sadistic mentality.


Let me know what you think as well.